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Psychoeducational Testing for Children

Comprehensive Psychodiagnostic Evaluations for:

Learning Disabilities: when a child is achieving below his expected academic level in one or more areas.  Specific academic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics are evaluated to determine any learning gaps and how to address them.

ADHD/Attention: when a child's inattention, poor concentration, impulsivity, and/or disorganization interfere with her learning and interpersonal relationships.

Standardized Test Accommodations:  for students who may be applying for additional accommodations on standardized assessments (I.S.E.E., S.A.T., A.C.T., G.R.E., L.S.A.T., etc.).

Kindergarten Readiness: to help parents determine if their child has the core skills to succeed in Kindergarten and beyond.

Psychological/Emotional Difficulties: to gain a better understanding of a child's emotional concerns and how they may impact his learning and interpersonal relationships.

What to Expect

"Testing" can be a scary word, so think of me as a detective who is trying to better understand how your child's brain works.  Your child will meet individually with me for several sessions, in the comfort of their own home.  You get the benefits of completing a comprehensive psychodiagnostic assessment without having to leave your home!  Puzzles, word games, pictures and drawings are used to investigate how your child thinks and feels.  Testing services include a school observation, parent interview, record review, consultation with various other professionals, test administration, a comprehensive report, detailed feedback session, a feedback session with your child's school, and any follow-up that may be needed.  Testing sessions may range from one to three hours, with several short breaks, depending on your child's energy level and attention span, but you never have to leave the house!  It is important that children be well-rested and well-fed prior to your appointment to make sure they are prepared for the various tasks to be completed.  Expect a warm, supportive relationship throughout this entire process!  

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