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Welcoming your new bundle

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Welcoming your new bundle of joy is not always as "joyful" as you would expect. It is hard being a new parent, but don't let those bumps get in the way of enjoying your new bundle of joy. In the first three months of life, babies are learning a great deal about their new world. They are getting to know their family, pets, and home. They are also growing a lot. With growth, comes lots of eating and sleeping. Babies need a balance of stimulation and rest. Your baby will tell you when he is overstimulated by crying, looking away, or even falling asleep. Allow your baby to "check out" when he's had enough stimulation and be there when he's ready for more. Not sure how to stimulate your new baby? Reading stories, looking at pictures, touching different textures, or even giving your baby a soft massage stimulates his brain and begins to make those very crucial neural connections. Hugs and kisses are like essential vitamins for your growing baby's brain, so make sure you give them their "vitamins" daily.

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