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Play comes in many shapes and sizes. Playing with your baby is important for their brain, but also his relationship with you. Just like many adults have a job, a baby's job is to play and explore her environment. Follow your baby's lead in the play and see where she takes you. It is amazing how babies will show preferences for certain toys and games from a very early age. Letting babies explore toys promotes their cognitive development because they learn about shapes, colors, textures, and the movement of toys. Reading books or looking at magazines together is another great way to bond with your baby and promote her cognitive development. Talking to your baby helps develop the language part of her brain and sets the foundation for her own language development. Respond to her babbles with real words and engage her in two-way conversation. Soon she will respond with real words and phrases! Most of all, have fun with your baby and let your creative and silly side run loose!

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